We help you prepare for the AP CS A and IB DP exams.
Take the training exams created from the problems of previous years. Get practical skills in solving exam problems.
Solving the tasks of past exams will allow you to be confident in the exam.


A professional programming language in which a large number of modern applications are created.
Required for preparation for competitions in computer science (programming).
In C++, you can learn basic and advanced programming algorithms.
You can work with the graphics.h library directly on our website.


Modern programming language.
It has applications of various directions, including scientific and mathematical calculations (Orange, Pandas, NumPy)
Here you can study a NumPy's course.


Java is the most popular language for industrial development.
Java is the primary language for Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP) curriculum and exams for high school students in the United States).


27.03.2023 In the course "Storage and processing of data" in the "Quick Sort" module added problems and theory on the merge sort algorithm (in C++ and Python)

23.01.2023 PascalABC.NET compiler updated to version 3.8.3

27.12.2022 The team of the portal "Informatics for School" wishes all users a Happy New Year! We wish you a lot of positive information in 2023! Teachers - stubborn and grateful students. To the students - good sendings and right decisions. May all search engines be tuned for personal happiness in the coming year, and let the anti-virus program block all adversity!

Our  New Year's contest "Hi, 2023!".  ;

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Available courses for self-study of popular programming languages (C++, Python, Java)
Preparation for AP CS A, IB DP : exam options with automatic verification.
The opportunity to study basic and advanced programming algorithms in order to participate in sports programming competitions

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